“Islandization”: Peskov proposed a new development strategy for Russia

Источник topnews.ru For this, Russia needs to work out the “green” agenda, build your own techno-economic block, develop an export package of agricultural products and solve a number of other issues. According to Dmitry Peskov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Digital and Technological Development, in the next 10-15 years Russia will follow the path of “islandization”. The most probable scenario of the country's development has been named. Earlier, TopNews wrote that a US professor compared the damage from sanctions for the Russian Federation and the West. He expects the world end of globalism, as well as the global security system of the last century. Peskov noted that this approach does not mean complete isolation, and in the future there will be deals on the exchange of one technology for another between states. The economist reproached the US president for the policy of “drunk sailors”. This is the opinion of the CEO of ANO “ NTI platform” published in his column for RBC. Under “islandization” the namesake of the official Kremlin speaker understands the model of separation of large techno-economic blocs. According to Peskov, there will be a reboot of technological markets in the world, technical standards will be nationalized and the production of critical goods will be moved from one place to another. In his opinion, not only Russia, but also the United States with China, and also, presumably, India will follow this path. Own “islands” for each country is necessary for its sovereignty in technology. “All large techno-economic blocks will want to produce food, medicines and everything else on their territory”, – he said, noting that these processes are already underway. “Someone has the processor we need, and we have the missiles they need”, – said Peskov.