Khusnullin admitted that Azovstal will continue to work

But we are all inclined to believe that Azovstal no need to stop— that's 12,000 employees [at the enterprise]', — Khusnullin said. In mid-May, they began to surrender, and the plant also came under the control of the military of Russia and the DPR. Construction of new facilities is already underway in Mariupol— hospitals and residential buildings, Khusnullin added. environmental problems, most of the city's residents do not want to restore it, despite the desire to save jobs. The head of the republic noted that all options would be considered “in their final form”, after which the Mariupol residents would make a decision. However, Khusnullin noted that Azovstal is 12,000 jobs * .jpg” alt=”Khusnullin admitted that Azovstal will continue to work” />
Azovstal plant in Mariupol
Mariupol plant “Azovstal” “There is no need to stop,” said on the air of the TV channel “Russia 24” Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin. Khusnullin said that the authorities see a plan for the development of Mariupol “in the future until 2035” with a population of about 500 thousand. At the end of May, the head of the republic, Denis Pushilin, said that the plant did not allow Mariupol to become a resort town because of the problems associated with Azovstal. How the cryptocurrency market collapsed Articles Pro Sleeping 8 hours a day and being lazy: Jeff Bezos' healthy habits Articles Pro How to bargain with the Chinese — the secrets of negotiations Articles zones in the city, the authorities are also looking at what types of business can be developed on its territory. “For us, an important question” what [will happen] to Azovstal. Khusnullin pointed out that the cost of restoration work “is still difficult to estimate, but they are quite large.”
According to the Deputy Prime Minister, by now, almost all the buildings in the city have already been examined, and a decision is made on each , repair it or demolish it. Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

Источник He noted that the master plan is still being developed, it is planned to be published within a month. The plant, destroyed after the fighting, was previously going to be liquidated in order to build a park or residential buildings in its place. Among the objects that could appear on the territory of the plant, Pushilin named a technopark, a park zone, a residential area. Read on RBC Pro Pro How to care for skin after 35 years: 5 important rules Instructions Pro Waiting for clarity: will warehouse rent become cheaper in 2022 Articles Pro James Bond and 4 more types of candidates who HR dislikes Instructions Pro began to fake “: how IKEA conquered China Cases Pro How the “Fear Index” helps to predict the dynamics of the US market Articles Pro 46 thousand people lost their money. Earlier, the DPR authorities reported that the plant destroyed during the hostilities would not be restored. Azovstal industrial area after the transfer of Mariupol to the control of the DPR in April, it remained the only territory in the city on which the Ukrainian military was stationed.