New dacha amnesty: what will land owners be able to do until 2031?

What provisions of the law will make it possible to secure property? According to the adopted law, if there is a note in the USRN record about the impossibility of state registration of the right without personal participation, the personal presence of the copyright holder will be required when selling real estate. What plots are covered by the dacha amnesty? A dacha amnesty — these are temporary rules for registration of ownership of suburban real estate, which will be valid until March 1, 2031. Source: -8
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Источник The deputies believe that this will reduce the risks of property fraud. At the end of the amnesty, real estate without registration of rights is classified as a squatter and, by a court decision, can be demolished. Also, without the right of ownership, it will be impossible to inherit, sell, donate or insure. p>
The personal presence of the right holder will be necessary not only when making a transaction for the alienation of a real estate object in a simple written form, but also when making such a transaction at a notary. As part of the amnesty, you do not need to take a building and commissioning permit. What can land owners do as part of the dacha amnesty? The right of ownership can be issued for any types of permitted use of plots, for with the exception of specially protected areas (natural reserves, natural monuments, national parks, natural parks, dendrological parks, botanical gardens). Owners will be able to formalize the rights to country and garden houses built before May 1998 (the date of adoption of the Town Planning Code) in a simplified manner. To register ownership, the owner must submit documents for registration in one of the following ways:

by mail;
at the MFC;
in the electronic version on the Rosreestr website by issuing an electronic signature, or by visiting Rosreestr in person. According to the law, documents confirming the right of ownership can be:

a document on the allocation of land by the employing organization;
an agreement on connecting the house to engineering networks;
an agreement on the payment of utility services or payments for such services;
technical inventory documents;
an extract from the household books. According to the deputy, it is necessary to postpone the entry into force of the new, already adopted law on dacha amnesty, “taking into account the current difficult economic situation in the country.”
What is a dacha amnesty? This can be done by power of attorney drawn up in a notarial form. On June 8, the deputies adopted in the third, final reading a law that moves the start of a new dacha amnesty from September 1, 2022 to an earlier date — June 1. To legitimize the right of ownership, the owner of such a plot will not need to apply to Rosreestr to acquire ownership of it. How to register ownership? Pavel Krasheninnikov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation, submitted the document for consideration. In addition, it will become easier to make a note about the impossibility of state registration of a right without the personal participation of the copyright holder. Previously, garden houses and outbuildings on plots provided for gardening and dacha farming fell under the dacha amnesty. Citizens will be able to issue the rights to a land plot, country house, garage or outbuildings in a simplified manner. Having formalized the right of ownership, the owners will legally be able to carry out purchase and sale transactions and transfer of land or houses by inheritance. 
What will happen if you do not register the property before 2031?