Odessa Philharmonic disowns Dolina after singer’s visit to Donbass

“Valley really once sang at the Philharmonic. It is noted that the artist’s visit to Donbass in May of this year served as the reason. Rate the material
Источник aif.ru In May of this year, Larisa Dolina proposed the creation of an international competition for Russian-speaking performers due to the fact that Western countries launched a policy of abolishing Russian culture. People's Artist of the Russian Federation Larisa Dolina and Russian theater and film actor Dmitry Dyuzhev arrived in Donbass to congratulate residents on Republic Day. According to the publication, former colleagues pretended to have forgotten the singer. In the Odessa Philharmonic, where Larisa Dolina began her career, they disowned the People's Artist of Russia, Readovka reports. Although our Philharmonic Society gave her a future and a start in life,” the source said. She is hardly mentioned here today. They laid flowers at the monument to the “Victims of Fascism” in Donetsk.