Pelageya’s ex-husband married his new wife

Petersburg. On June 16, they got married, and on January 21 of the following year, their daughter Taisiya was born. Maria wore a loose-fitting dress, which led some readers to speculate that she was pregnant. The ex-husband of the singer Pelageya, hockey player Ivan Telegin, married his current wife Maria Gonchar, Starhit reports. On December 26, 2019, the singer announced a divorce. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Recall that Russian national team player, 2018 Olympic champion Ivan Telegin and singer Pelageya started dating in the spring of 2016. Rate the material
Источник Telegin and Gonchar got married 10 months ago, in August 2021. The couple posted photos from the sacrament on social networks. The wedding took place with a small number of guests in the Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist. By the way, on October 1 last year, the wedding of Georgy Mikhailovich, a descendant of the Romanov dynasty, with Italian citizen Rebecca Bettarini took place in St.