WP learned that the FBI is investigating the case of US chips in Russian military equipment

At the same time, many parts were manufactured after 2014, including in 2019-2020. Most of them belong to the production of 2000-2010. How to make money on it Articles
One of the authors of the report, Nick Reynolds, said that Western chips were installed in Borisoglebsk-2 radio interference equipment, which was produced in 2015 or later. In April, a team of researchers from the Royal United Armed Forces Institute (RUSI) found computer chips from 12 American companies in Russian technology in Ukraine. The developer of more than a dozen components for Russian military equipment, Analog Devices, did not answer questions from WP. A lawyer for one such American company told publication that investigators are studying many different chips and electronic components. They have a list of companies, he said, including intermediaries who may have passed products through the supply chain. Intel processor manufacturer spokesman William Moss said that for more than a decade the company has sold products to Russia through distributors who are responsible for complying with US export control regulations. The authorities required exporters to obtain a state license. After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine in February, the United States banned the sale of any chips to the Russian military and imposed export restrictions on other buyers from Russia. Department officials come to the offices of technology companies to learn about how Western chips and other components ended up in Russian radar systems, drones, tanks, ground control equipment and coastal ships. In addition, in May, a group of researchers of conflict weapons (Conflict Armament Research), after a visit to Ukraine, found in radio stations, on-board systems and the remains of Kh-59 Ovod cruise missiles. The researchers found them in Russian military equipment that is involved in the hostilities in Ukraine jpg” alt=”WP has learned that the FBI is investigating the case of US chips in Russian military equipment” />
FBI agents, together with the US Department of Commerce, began investigating the case of US chips in Russian military equipment, which is involved in military operations in Ukraine. Read on RBC Pro Pro Why Russian oil and gas is not as bad as it seems, and what to expect from stocks Articles Pro Couriers' salaries are still high. At the same time, there were no restrictions on the supply of electronics for general use. The group found another set of chips manufactured in 2017-2020 in a rocket after the attack on Nikolaev on March 29. The — Semiconductor supplier Onsemi indicated that it stopped manufacturing one of the chips it found in Russian equipment back in 2008. The Washington Post writes about this, citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter. At the same time, electrical engineers interviewed by the publication found that the elements were designed for general use, and not for the military. One set of parts manufactured in 2013-2018 was found in a rocket that fell in the central part of Ukraine on February 24. Based on the ID numbers, WP determined that the list included Intel, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, and Onsemi, as well as components from six chip manufacturers in Europe, Japan, and Taiwan. Since 2014, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the United States began to control the sale of high-tech elements to Russia for military use. Like chip maker Texas Instruments, the company stressed that it does not sell any products to Russia or Belarus. How do logisticians try to save? The group's researchers found an American fiber-optic gyroscope inside a Russian 9M949 guided missile. electronic components from 86 companies from the USA and Europe. One of the group's investigators, Damien Spleeters, said that the group found microcircuits with scratched markings inside two Russian radio stations in the Luhansk region of Ukraine. about ESG and ecology Articles Pro Meditation changes the brain. Authors Tags Subscribe to VK RBC Get news faster than anyone else

Источник rbc.ru The publication asked several American companies about the supply of electronics to Russia. US authorities have begun investigating the supply chain of American-made chips to Russia. Is it so Research Pro x The Economist Why the tightening of the policy of the European Central Bank threatens the Italian economy Articles Pro The US and China are fighting for the market of rare earth metals.