A writer from Belgorod spoke about the night shelling: the door flew out

– No. We fly everything every day. – Of course. Every morning starts the same way for us. – No, our people are fearless. – They tell the children. I understand that it’s easy either to arrive or not to arrive – and you either get out of the house or not. After about an hour, everyone began to write to me: “Oh, you are in the center, but what is going on with you there.” But nothing happened to me – I slept. But what's the point? A draft saved me now, and fragments flew from the fourth floor to people. We hear it from time to time. I recently went out to the store, found out that below me, all the windows were knocked out at the granny, and a TV fell from the bracket on the floor above. – I woke up not from the first blow actually. Locals can tell the difference between a fighter jet and a drone by sound
This night, according to the latest information from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian side hit Belgorod with Tochka-U tactical missile systems and UAVs. Fortunately, I am a “hot woman”, and all my windows are open – on the third floor of a five-story building. At first, everyone was hiding. We are already used to it. There is a chat, it is called “Belgorod – the capital of poetry.” And we have really cool writers and there will be new ones, because the “youngsters” are growing. And the way I define by ear, and the children have learned to define. The consequences of the shelling of Belgorod were filmed
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– The second one, yes. Yes. There was a draft, and only one plastic door flew out. Eyewitnesses photographed destruction in Belgorod after shelling

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Источник www.mk.ru – Sleeping. We have a very good literary hangout here. This is a central area, next to the train station. But not at the alert level. – Also not. Olga Knysh, a poetess, author of several books of poems and an organizer of cultural events, lives not far from the place that was hit. Now everyone is performing, and it's great. I thought it was the first one, but no. There are sixteen-story and fifteen-story buildings. Photo: Social networks
– I live across the house. I already determine where the “drying” flew by, and where the drone. My address is Oktyabrskaya Street, and it flew to Chumichev, this is the corner of my street. And I will say more, even our grandmothers are local – they click seeds until all this arrives. And I escaped with a slight fright. And although the rockets were destroyed in the sky above the regional center of the border region, fragments of one of them fell on a residential building. But this is already the norm. – Purely theoretically, there is air defense somewhere. – Nothing.