Life under supervision. How are released pedophiles controlled?

In total, the Kuban police officers currently have 278 “wards” such a category, of which 33 live in Krasnodar. Most often, problems arise with those who abuse alcohol. By  the first meaning is a disorder of sexual preference — a clinical diagnosis that not  every convicted of a sexual offense against a minor can be made. But those who violated the sexual inviolability of minors, among the "runners" no. It also applies to persons who have been imprisoned more than twice for drugs, to those who have been serving sentences for premeditated crime against a minor, even under a non-serious article. The same mechanism is activated when he/nbsp;commits within a year after the release of two or more administrative offenses specified in the law. By the way, it should be noted that in colloquial speech the word “pedophile” often used to briefly indicate the nature of the crime. Before the release of such a convict who has served his term, the colony is obliged to apply to the court in advance to make an appropriate decision. Judging by everything, the authors of the bill submitted to the State Duma in the spring also tried to take this into account. As Vladislav Sergak notes, one of the most difficult tasks in their activities — search for wards who are hiding from & nbsp; supervision. Here it must be borne in mind that there are few supervisors in the police. If such a person does not appear at home for a long time, does come to check in, then it takes a lot of effort to establish his whereabouts. Of course, sometimes they happen, but for us, this is a real emergency». “They get it in order”
Obviously, control over people with sexual preference disorder is first and foremost important. But in in any case, they are treated solely on the basis of the court's decision to establish supervision. The current legislation provides for the use of these means in relation to convicts, as well as persons who have been chosen a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest, prohibition of certain actions and bail. The court a priori establishes supervision over a pedophile until the repayment of his criminal record, which takes 10 years from the moment of release on especially serious articles. District police and criminal investigation officers are required to check such wards at their homes at least twice a month, including the time when they are forbidden to leave their homes. Now about 80 people out of almost 4 thousand people under surveillance in the Krasnodar Territory are hiding from the police. They want to add to it a provision on the indefinite wearing of electronic bracelets by those who were imprisoned for a crime against the sexual integrity of a minor under 14 years of age and suffering from pedophilia. Other services also participate in this work. For example, a man who is too affectionate can get a prison sentence for an intimate relationship with a 17-year-old who looks and is perceived by him like a woman, and not a child. Supervision is established in the event that, while serving a sentence in captivity, the offender maliciously violated the regime. As a rule, after their release, pedophiles are limited to the maximum of the rights and freedoms that are relevant in their case. Now only the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia uses electronic bracelets to control criminals. They are obligated to check in with inspectors from one to four times a month. Citizens convicted of a grave or especially grave crime, including recidivists, fall under the law on administrative supervision. But there and a special clause relating to crimes against sexual freedom and the inviolability of a minor. But this does not mean that, for for example, the killer necessarily falls under the supervision of the police on freedom. In this case, tracking his movements on satellite will allow you to find out in time if he, for example, tries to approach a kindergarten, school or other child care institution in violation of the established ban. A draft law was submitted to the State Duma proposing to change the law “On” administrative supervision of “persons released from places of deprivation of liberty”. For comparison — a few years ago there were over three hundred people in their region. Police officers regularly question his relatives and neighbors about his behavior, even talk with children living nearby. «Under supervision — worse than ever, from all sides they will get, in fact, — continues Vladislav Sergak. It is proposed to consider as such citizens from 14 years, suffering from the corresponding disorder — in recent years, this type of crime has become much younger. There is also criminal liability that may follow if the restrictions are violated repeatedly. In Russia, in the  Krasnodar Territory, by a court decision, electronic bracelets are put on; literally, you can count on fingers. By law, under "guardianship" adult former inmates with outstanding or unexpunged convictions are taken, in respect of which a corresponding decision has been made by the court. In  districts of the Krasnodar Territory, this area of ​​work is responsible for a couple of employees who are not easy to control each ward. Now the police are doing their best to prevent the released criminals from getting back to the old. It individually defines a list of temporary restrictions on rights and freedoms and and obliges to perform certain actions. By a court decision, supervision may be extended, terminated ahead of schedule, or additional restrictions may be introduced, including at the initiative of the police. Depending on the situation, this may be a fine, compulsory work, administrative arrest up to fifteen days. Guardianship for the former convict
In Russia, some of the criminals, after being released from behind bars, immediately fall under the control of the internal affairs — it is supposed to keep them from going back to crime. For example, traffic police helps to identify violators of the ban on leaving the city — supervised persons are entered into a special database. They are prohibited from attending kindergartens, schools, entertainment venues, mass events. Sanctions are provided for  failure to comply with the established restrictions and obligations. By the way, the draft also excludes the age limit over 18 years old and for the definition of a pedophile. According to the police, most pedophiles generally behave very quietly after their release, because they don don't want to end up in places of deprivation of liberty again. This applies only to articles related to pedophilia», — tells Police Lieutenant Colonel of the Main Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Krasnodar Territory Vladislav Sergak, who is in charge of this line of work. It is noteworthy that the police of the Krasnodar Territory, even last year, went to the federal level with a legislative initiative on the use of electronic bracelets in relation to pedophiles. We try to take all possible preventive measures in order to avoid relapses. Naturally, the most dangerous criminals cannot   — they are put behind bars. “According to the law, in relation to pedophiles, administrative supervision is established by default, that is, it is mandatory. It proposes to indefinitely hang electronic bracelets on persons who have been imprisoned for a crime against the sexual integrity of a minor under 14 years of age, and suffering from pedophilia. — And around the place of residence of the supervised person, they also get everyone in order. A matter of technique
The technical means proposed by the State Duma deputies could just increase the efficiency of this work. Rate the material
Источник How this work is being carried out, was told in Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Krasnodar Territory. They cannot leave their place of residence during the hours determined by the court — usually from 22 to 6 in the morning, leave outside the settlement. According to Vladislav Sergak, this difference between criminals is important to take into account. And while they are taken under police supervision for a limited period and without the possibility of online control. Now, after leaving the colonies, people convicted of having sex with minors of different ages fall under the control of the police. But the court can impose a restriction of liberty with the use of technical means of control to some individual who likes to be naked in the presence of children.