Prilepin called the shelling of Belgorod “responsible for Lisichansk”

Four people died in Belgorod. The governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoit, said that the military shot down two drones flying up to the regional center. Writer and political figure Zakhar Prilepin wrote on Telegram that the shelling of Belgorod is “answer for Lisichansk”. He believes that strikes on cities far from the front are the revenge of Ukraine, which  «cannot stand face to face in battle». Prilepin wanted to warn the day before that “today they will hit Russian cities” ;, but was afraid of “causing trouble.” In his opinion,    “for every city they take, they will hit residential areas in Russia” they are thinking about sabotage work in Russia. On July 3, Belgorod and Kursk were attacked by Ukraine. There were no casualties in Kursk. Rate the material