Residents of Belgorod talk about the shelling: “The most terrible night”

Before that, there was only shock and stupor. But from the opposite facade of the house, the windows were left without glass. Powerful pops, fiery fireworks in the air, the sound of broken glass — everything is mixed up. It was here that the tragedy occurred: 4 people died. Like eggshells, the doors and the ceiling fell down. Women roamed the street, one of them — with a bandaged leg. Evil fate overtook a family from Kharkov, who tried to hide from shelling on the territory of the Russian Federation. As a result, five houses were completely destroyed. He  the roof and part of the walls were destroyed. 
Now the city is studying the damage caused by shelling. “The crunching of glass underfoot, frames flying out and mosquito nets hanging on trees” – this is how the journalists of the local Internet portal, who arrived at five in the morning at the epicenter of the strike, described what they saw. In high-rise buildings, from the blast wave, the glass of the windows mostly flew out and the balcony grilles bent. One — citizen of the Russian Federation and three — citizens of Ukraine. By 10 am they were already able to comment on something. The explosion tore apart the building. “There were two claps, on the third — arrived. As Aleksey Rusanov, a resident of the house, told the Belgorod portal, his son and daughter-in-law also lived in the wing, who stayed overnight in the village. An investigation team is working there. And it turned out that the shells that arrived from Kharkov had significantly damaged the city center. “Watched TV. At one apartment building, according to preliminary data, the roof was damaged. A Ukrainian shell killed a family from Kharkov
“It was the worst night since the start of the special operation,” is how Belgorod residents now talk about their experiences. And then four loud bangs, and then a flash and the clinking of glasses. In the afternoon, people with flowers reached the destroyed houses on Mayakovsky Street. Significant damage was received by a private house on March 8 Street, on which fragments of a shell shot down by air defense systems fell. Everyone who slept in the house itself managed to run out into the street. They grabbed the children and ran out” – says a young woman from a destroyed private house in the video. 
On Mayakovsky Street in the private sector — a scorched patch on the site of several houses. It was worse for private houses along Mayakovsky Street: from getting into the wing of house 23 & nbsp; other buildings were on fire. Ruins — as if after a massive bombing. Luckily, there were not two other people in the annex who could be there. At the same time, extra-budgetary opportunities will be sought to finance restoration work, since repairs at the expense of the budget are associated with long approvals and therefore the process may be delayed. Explosions that began to rumble over the city at the beginning of the fourth morning literally shook many out of bed. As the pensioner told reporters, her leg was injured by glass fragments, and she lives on the 4th floor of an apartment building. – says a young man from Popova Street in a video posted on social networks. Photo: Social networks
At dawn, the city began to recover. Governor Gladkov promises to repair all damaged houses. Another woman said that now she can’t bring herself to return to the apartment, where all the pictures have fallen from the walls from the blast wave: “I can’t stay at home — I'll go crazy… In another yard, a man told how his kitchen stove, which was standing by the window, was turned inside out…. Carnations and chrysanthemums were laid right on the roadside, next to the place where the ruins were still smoking…
Eyewitnesses took pictures of the destruction in Belgorod after shelling

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Источник Family of Kharkiv citizens — a man, his sister and mother-in-law – spent the night in the wing of house number 23. There are no threats to their lives, the doctors assure. In total, about 50 houses were damaged: 39 of them were private households and 11 — apartment buildings. This place is cordoned off, no one is allowed in there. Thus, they saved their lives, because the house caught fire. According to him, the glass in his windows survived because they were open. “The government of Ukraine is killing Ukrainian citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation, and this is the absolute height of cynicism that Ukraine has achieved in its actions.” – commented on the tragedy & nbsp; governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov. 
The consequences of the shelling of Belgorod were filmed
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Four more people were taken to hospitals, including a 10-year-old child.