The Network commented on the “crazy” Nancy Pelosi

By the way, China has long had more advanced S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. In the event that Pelosi does decide to visit Taiwan and the PRC is ordered to shoot down the plane, then the US refusal to start a full-scale war with China will also be considered cowardice. Nobody saw her? What is she going to do to get away from us?”
A US citizen with the nickname “WhiskyHeal” suggested: “I think someone ordered Nancy to go to Taiwan to provoke an American war with China.”
A columnist with the nickname “News of Ukraine” noted: “The United States is in a stalemate: if Nancy refuses to travel, then America in the eyes of countries around the world will look like a coward, bowing to the power of the PRC. The US military asked her to stay in America. If she nevertheless decides to take this step, then all the history books will be written about her extravagance, which entailed devastating consequences for the whole world.”
Источник According to the latest reports from her press office, Pelosi has abandoned her original intention to visit Taiwan. The PRC will not joke – the S-300 air defense system has already been brought to a state of readiness. Some say that she will sail to Taiwan in a submarine, others say that Pelosi will change into ordinary clothes and enter the island in disguise. She seems to be escorted by five planes at once.”
A user with the nickname “I can’t stand hypocrites” left an alarming message: “Writing this for the future generation on the upcoming visit of Pelosi: she was warned. Photo: Global Look Press
Earlier, the Chinese authorities said that if Pelosi visits Taiwan, despite the warning of the PRC, her visit will be considered a provocation. Now only Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and Japan are in her travel plan. But stubborn Nancy flies to Taiwan anyway! “China won't joke”
Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi traveled to Asia on July 30th. Pelosi knows that Taiwan is a red line for China that she is about to cross. Joe Biden suggested that Pelosi change his mind. User John Rock started spying on Pelosi's plane using a website that records the movement of air assets: “She just left Hawaii. Hu Xijin, the former editor-in-chief of China's Global Times, posted a tongue-in-cheek message on social media: “Where is Pelosi now? Foreign users on social networks also reacted extremely negatively to Pelosi's actions. Why the speaker of the lower house was afraid to fly to Taiwan becomes clear from the numerous comments of her compatriots and foreigners on social networks.