Why does a bird mistake its owner for a partner?

— Smaller birds can perceive a person as several objects. And if you raise chicks from a young age, they may take you for parents. She began to wear branches to him with a hint that it was time to build a nest. I. Khlestun, Krasnodar
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— In the absence of a partner, birds of prey can become attached to a person, considering him to be a representative of their species. There is a case described when a jackdaw used a man's pocket as a nest, and his hand as a partner. Have you really fallen in love? Not the only one in his Mavrodi but she refused. 30. Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. Rate the material
Источник aif.ru And build nests, and tower — says zoologist, candidate of biological sciences Timofey Barabashin.