Albanian PM finds words about espionage funny after Russians detained

They have several guards to protect against encroachment, & mdash; Rama said. Here's how it prevents you from changing Instructions Pro What mistakes of managers deprive employees of motivation in difficult conditions Instructions Pro The Russians began to make a career faster. These are not even factories that produce weapons. accompanied by a man and a woman who were also caught. They are no longer classified as objects of special importance. According to the department, the security guard noticed that a man who tried to take pictures entered the territory of the enterprise. He urged to find the true purpose of the stay of the detainees in the country. Rama said they were suspected of espionage. Why and What to Do Instructions Pro Rationalization is the enemy of good habits. On August 21, the Albanian Ministry of Defense announced that it had detained two Russian citizens and one Ukrainian citizen near a military plant in Gramsci. “The veil of fog over the so-called especially important objects was an occasion for tears and laughter. The AlbaniaDailyNews portal reported that the detainees— 23-year-old Mikhail Zorin, 33-year-old Svetlana Timofeeva (also known as Lana Sator) and 25-year-old Fyodor Mikhailovich A. In Russia, she is involved in a case of illegally obtaining information related to state secrets. Timofeeva published reports on operating and abandoned plants, factories, social institutions, disbanded military units, bunkers, restricted areas from different countries on her blogs. Read on RBC Pro Pro How to protect yourself from corporate fraud — 6 stages Chief with subordinates Instructions Pro Tax recognized the information in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities as unreliable. They can't afford to pay their electricity bills and even had their lights turned off. Albanian Prime Minister found the words about espionage at a military plant funny after the detention of Russians According to Edi Rama, it no longer produces weapons, the plant is no longer considered an object of special importance 673w” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2), (max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >
Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama dismissed allegations of espionage at the former arms factory in Gramsci, in which two Russians and a Ukrainian were suspected, writes Albanian Daily News. The Russian Embassy sent a note to the Albanian Foreign Ministry with a request to provide information about the detained Russians. and a 25-year-old Ukrainian with the initials F.A., the ministry said. Why it is dangerous for companies Articles
On August 25, the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow arrested Svetlana Timofeeva in absentia (the girl's date of birth— March 18, 1989— coincides with the date of birth of photographer-blogger Svetlana Timofeeva detained in Albania). The detained Russian with the initials M.Z. Authors Tags

Источник According to they don't make weapons there anymore, he says. Talk of espionage is ridiculous, said the prime minister. This is a 33-year-old Russian woman with the initials S.T. When trying to detain him, he used a “paralyzing spray.” as a result, two servicemen were injured.