China vows to retaliate if US provokes in Taiwan Strait

Her trip led to an aggravation of relations between Washington and Beijing: the latter called the actions of the American side an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of China and said that Pelosi's visit is contrary to the “one China” policy, which the United States formally adheres to. The PRC authorities still consider the island their territory, the United States does not officially recognize its independence either. Authors Tags

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The Chinese military is monitoring the movements of US ships in the Taiwan Strait and maintaining full combat readiness, the country's military said in a statement to Reuters. Reuters writes that the ships are crossing the strait for the first time since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan in early August. p>
Against this background, the Chinese army declared a state of full combat readiness. Earlier, the agency, citing three US officials, said that the Strait entered two ships of the US Navy— cruisers Chancellorsville and Antietam. Such actions usually take from eight to 12 hours. The Chinese authorities condemned their arrival and warned the Taiwanese Democratic Progressive Party of doomed to failure “attempts to persuade external anti-Chinese forces to provocations.” ready to fulfill any whim. The Navy subsequently confirmed to the agency that the ships made a “routine crossing of the Taiwan Strait” without violating international law. How it limits creativity Instructions Pro “Feeling of omnipotence”: billionaire Igor Rybakov – about the benefits of sports Articles Pro Strongest. The Chinese Armed Forces, against the backdrop of US ships in the Taiwan Strait, declared full combat readiness Two American cruisers entered the Taiwan Strait – the US Navy called ship movements routine. After Pelosi's visit, three more American delegations visited Taiwan. Beijing announced that it had begun firing exercises near the island— Taiwan also increased its combat readiness after that. Why is this a reason to change a doctor Instructions Pro In Russia, managers are expected to be masculine.