How to make an electronic duplicate of documents in the MFC?

From July 1, 2022, Russians will be able to make electronic duplicates of documents at the MFC. In its decision, the government specifically emphasized that if electronic duplicates of documents are sent along with the application for the provision of services, officials do not have the right to demand paper originals. What is the difference between a duplicate document and a copy? 
A duplicate is actually a second copy of the document. Unlike a copy, a duplicate has the same legal force as the original — it does not need to be additionally certified or provide the original document for verification. How long are electronic duplicates stored? 
After uploading to the citizen's personal account at the State Services, the documents will be stored there indefinitely. 
https://base.garant. The MFC employee will convert the document into electronic form by scanning it and certify it with a qualified electronic signature. The list of documents that can be converted into electronic form and uploaded to the State Services is enshrined in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 25, 2021 No. How to make an electronic duplicate of documents in the MFC? To get an electronic version of the document, you need to contact the MFC with the paper original — a copy, even a notarized one, will not work. From the moment of creation to the appearance of an electronic document in the personal account of a citizen on the State Services in the “Documents” tab; it won't take more than an hour. 1818, including documents on marital status, on due payments, certificates that are needed to receive social payments, benefits and benefits , information about education and disability. When unloading, the MFC employee will accompany the electronic document with information about the original, the date and time the duplicate was created, about the employee whose signature the document was certified, as well as about the multifunctional center where the duplicate was created. The list is formed based on the need to provide any information to receive state and municipal services. Which documents can be duplicated at the MFC? What is the procedure for making a duplicate and how it will help facilitate the process of obtaining state and municipal services, figured out. ru/402985288/

Утверждён перечень документов, для которых можно оформить электронные дубликаты в МФЦ

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Источник They will automatically load to the — You will not need to additionally attach a photo or scanned copies of documents. Why make electronic duplicates of documents? 
Duplicate documents stored on the State Services portal can be used to receive state and municipal services. In addition, the use of a duplicate will save the applicant from having to come personally to the authorities with the original documents in order to complete the service.