Media: rules for transferring money without opening an account may be tightened

This will affect a smaller number of Russians, he explained. Источник They will need to change their auto payment systems to meet the new requirements. Also, experts indicated that banks will also have to reorganize. Experts talk about “a lot of difficulties” that the new rules will cause. As for the timing of the project, the Bank of Russia announced that it had received the document, but could not say when it would end its “elaboration”. They will be able to save the opportunity not to go to a bank office to make a transfer. The publication reports that the bill allows not to indicate the place of residence of an individual when transferring up to 100,000 rubles. Another expert, the head of the AED Viktor Dostov, the maximum amount of transfer without opening an account should be set at 600,000 rubles. According to “Kommersant”, it is planned to amend two federal laws: on the national payment system and anti-corruption. Earlier, Topnews wrote that Sberbank of Russia had previously announced an increase in the cost of notifications for Russians. The amount proposed by the department is 60,000 rubles. Rosfinmonitoring proposed to introduce a maximum bar for transfers of individuals who make them without opening an account. It is also reported that the draft law of Rosfinmonitoring cancels the bank's right to independently fill out settlement documents during the identification procedure. According to the head of the Association of Banks of Russia Alexei Voylukov, he does not know the reasons for the new law, because there is no explanatory note to it, and the proposals “generate a lot of inconvenience”. That is, a ban is introduced on the use of data received from payers without their personal participation.