Moscow has created rapid tests to detect monkeypox and antibodies to it

Diagnostics will allow you to quickly recognize the infection in the early stages,” the department said. Development company Imbian Lab created three versions of the test system. The material for the study is blood and plasma. 
It is noted that all express tests can also detect natural smallpox and smallpox of cows. Earlier, scientists of the Vector Center were able to isolate the smallpox strain of monkeys from a clinical sample of the diseased. The first diagnoses the disease in 40 minutes, the second detects the antigen in 20 minutes, the third needs about 15 minutes to search for antibodies. Resident of the technopolis “Moscow” has developed test systems for the detection of the monkeypox virus, the capital's department of investment and industrial policy reported. Rate the material
Источник “The products are ready for clinical trials and further registration. Experts found that the strain belongs to the West African variant of the virus, which has a low lethality.