Putin congratulated Kim Jong-un on Korea Liberation Day

It is dedicated to Victory Day over Japan, when the USSR and the United States liberated Korea from 35 years of Japanese occupation. Taking this opportunity, I sincerely wish you to be healthy and achieve great results in responsible work to protect the sovereignty and interests of the country and people, to achieve national revival,— said Kim Jong-un. This is stated in the congratulatory letter of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-un, published by the CCA, on the occasion of Korea's Liberation Day. Kim Jong-un in response wished Putin good health and great results in his work “to protect the sovereignty and interests of the country and people”
Russia and North Korea will continue to expand bilateral cooperation, as this fully meets the interests of the two countries and will contribute to strengthening security in the region. The President of Russia expressed confidence that the two countries would continue to expand all-round cooperation. This fully meets the interests of the peoples of our two countries and will contribute to strengthening security and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in the region of Northeast Asia as a whole,— the letter says. “I believe that the relations of friendship and cooperation between Korea and Russia, based on comradely friendship and militant unity, will be strengthened and developed more vigorously in all areas <…>. In turn, the leader of the DPRK thanked Putin in a response letter and pointed out that since the peninsula was liberated from Japanese occupation, friendship between the peoples of Korea and Russia “has been steadily developing from generation to generation». <…> I am sure that by joint efforts we will continue to expand our comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations. Authors Tags

Источник rbc.ru “On the occasion of Liberation Day, a national holiday, I send my heartfelt congratulations. Independent Korean governments were established three years later, on August 15, 1948, when the pro-American Lee Seung-man was elected first President of South Korea, and the pro-Soviet Kim Il Sung became the first leader of North Korea. Korean Liberation Day — holiday, celebrated annually on August 15 in both South and North Korea. Our countries keep the memory of the Red Army soldiers and Korean patriots who fought shoulder to shoulder for the liberation of Joseon.