The Ministry of Justice of Russia proposed not to imprison for business without registration

The Ministry of Justice of Russia proposed to liberalize the criminal legislation against entrepreneurs. Rate the material
Источник In addition, the Ministry of Justice proposed to increase by 1.5 times the maximum amount of damage for prosecution under the article of the Criminal Code on fraudulent activity.

Earlier, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation made changes to the order, which prescribes the procedure for exchanging information about debtors restricted to travel abroad between the Federal Bailiff Service and the FSB Border Guard Service. The corresponding draft was published on the website of regulatory legal acts. The department proposed to exempt Russian entrepreneurs from criminal prosecution for unregistered business, to remove from the Criminal Code three economic articles on the registration of illegal transactions with real estate, the introduction of false information into the land survey plan, as well as the malicious  evasion of disclosure of information under the rule on securities. The system will operate automatically. After repaying the debt, the citizen will be removed from the list of travel restrictions, and the information will be sent to the border guards.