The United States eliminated al-Zawahiri, who led al-Qaeda after bin Laden

al-Qaeda targets in Afghanistan. According to the publication, President Joe Biden intends to deliver a speech on a successful mission at 19:30 (02:30 Moscow time). Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid strongly condemned the attack on Kabul, calling it a violation of “international principles”. The operation was successful, there are no civilian casualties,— An unnamed source told Politico. Authors Tags How does this concern you? AP notes that Ayman al-Zawahiri was eliminated on Sunday, July 31, but the US authorities postponed the publication of a message about this until confirmation of his death. The blow was struck in Kabul, writes Reuters. According to the agency, the drone strike was confirmed by the Taliban. Explained in the evening newsletter
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Источник The material is being supplemented. Al-Qaeda leader killed in Afghanistan (a banned terrorist organization in Russia) Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was hit by an American drone, the operation was carried out by the CIA, sources told Politico, Reuters and the Associated Press. (a terrorist organization banned in Russia).