What fine threatens poachers for catching Red Book fish?

How much will poachers pay for each kilogram of caviar collected from Red Book fish? What is the penalty for hunting marine mammals? 

grey and bowhead whales of the Okhotsk population — 1,918,000 rubles;
grey whale Chukchi-California population, bowhead whale of the Barents Sea and Bering-Chukotka population, Japanese right whale, humpback whale, northern blue whale, northern fin whale, sei whale — 1,438,500 rubles;
high-browed bottlenose, beaked beak, Commander's belt tooth — 546,791 rubles;
Black Sea bottlenose dolphin — 500,000 rubles;
small killer whale, Far Eastern killer whale, narwhal (unicorn) — 411 000;
walrus of the Atlantic and Laptev subspecies — 172,620 rubles;
grey monk seal — 109 600 rubles;
sea lion and sea otter — 106,860 rubles:
Baltic gray seal — 82,200 rubles;
ringed seal — 27,400 rubles;
common or Caspian seal — 20 550 rubles. The corresponding government decree (dated July 23, 2022 No. What are the penalties for trapping amphibians, reptiles and mollusks? So, the most expensive catch will be gray and bowhead whales; for their capture they will be fined almost 2 million rubles, and more than 800 thousand rubles will have to be paid for the caught Azov beluga. Far Eastern chelice crab, Japanese Sea mantis shrimp, Caucasian freshwater crab — 1,268 rubles. beluga, kaluga — 246,600 rubles;
sturgeon — 164,730 rubles;
salmon — 82,365 rubles;
other types of fish — 6 864 rubles. Common, Black Sea and Caspian trout — 15,384 rubles;
sterlet — 13,716 rubles;
whitefish, baunt, whitefish — 10,920 rubles;
river eel — 10,356 rubles;
carp and Kilda cod — 9 915 rubles;
blunt-snouted and sharp-snouted lenok, arctic char, small-mouthed and long-finned char, European grayling, Azov-Black Sea shemaya, common barbel, fish — 2,775 rubles;
Volga herring and Abrau kilka — 2,055 rubles;
European vendace — 1,500 rubles;
pygmy valek, Crimean short-whiskered gudgeon, Colchian bitterling, Crimean loach, seahorse — 750 rubles. Source of information: publication.pravo.gov.ru/Document/View/0001202207260019
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Источник aif.ru For the damage caused to the country's aquatic biological resources, poachers will have to pay hundreds of thousands of rubles for each individual caught, regardless of size and weight. Far Eastern tortoise and Colchis marsh tortoise — 38,031 rubles;
Ussuri clawed and Asia Minor newt, Lanz newt, Caucasian krestovka — 7,606 rubles. Andriyashev's lepidozone, Dahurian pearl oyster, Kuril pearl oyster, Kyi anemina and others — 819 rubles. 1322) is published on the website of legal information. From August 3, fines for poachers who catch fish listed in the Red Book of Russia will almost triple. Azov Beluga — 826,500 rubles;
Kaluga — 807,750 rubles;
Sakhalin, Baltic, Atlantic sturgeon and thorn — 641,824 rubles;
Siberian and Amur sturgeon — 481 368 rubles;
white salmon — 44,592 rubles;
Sakhalin taimen — 42,540 rubles;
Atlantic salmon and mykizha — 41,025 rubles;
nelma — 32,433 rubles;
common taimen — 31,905 rubles;
Eizenam trout — 20,512 rubles;
Caspian, Ukrainian and sea lamprey — 17,055 rubles. What are the fines (taxes) for catching Red Book fish? For collecting turtle eggs, a fine of 1,500 rubles per piece is imposed.