Advisor to the Minister of the Interior: How to prevent school shootings

All the necessary measures to strengthen control of the acquisition of weapons have already been taken. Teenagers who are interested in this topic should clearly understand: they do not play, but fall into the category of especially dangerous criminals, terrorists. ” height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />
Photo: AGN Moscow
Another important tool for counteracting destructive digital network associations is monitoring the network activity of specific intruders and the persons involved by them. And this is a tool for the formation of the so-called “saturating terror” — there is such a term. I would venture to suggest that when certain measures are taken, by and large, & nbsp; & mdash; Maybe. But when several tens of thousands of young people talk about how they will kill  — this is a very clear signal that they are ready to move from words to actual killings. There were even international terms accompanying these crimes. There is Article 64 of the  Law on Communications», which establishes the obligations of telecom operators and  restriction of the rights of users of communication services when conducting ORM, measures to ensure security of the Russian Federation and implementation of investigative actions. I think no. That is, all these potential killers can be tracked by their revelations on the phone and in social networks. More and more money is spent on protection every year, and the efficiency of does grow. They — similar. If we thus — tough enough — we will evaluate each such case, it will reduce the agility of exalted young people. Should gun laws be tightened? They post advertisements for buying uniforms, all sorts of arguments about how to kill the maximum number of people and things like that. The phenomenon develops in almost any digital networks. We always treated it as a childish, that is harmless, network. The topic of schoolshooting has almost completely gone from VK to messengers — in the same Telegram, WhatsApp and TikTok. Plot Shooting at a school in Izhevsk

Shooting in Izhevsk school once again raised the question for society: who is protecting our children and what should be done to prevent this from happening again? And we are talking about attacks not only in Russia, but and in other countries, including  — USA. What to do with such messengers? And in this case, a character who calls himself “god” should be responsible for committing a terrorist attack. That is, a huge amount of materials is aimed at destruction of young people. First and  most important — clearly understand what it — the same “saturating terror” that is designed to destroy our state. Is it possible to prevent something like this? The audience of such communities in various networks and messengers — these are many tens of thousands of teenagers. Another sore point: is it necessary to tighten once again the legislation in the field of arms trafficking? Topical questions immediately arise: was it possible to prevent the death of people, especially — children? Oddly enough, TikTok is in the first place in terms of the number of materials that respond to schoolshooting hashtags. Of course, all schools and colleges are in the  high-risk zone precisely because of the age and general neuroticism of the students. Main task — make sure that they are fully implemented. But recently there has been a sharp surge in the number of publications about schoolshooting — publish full-fledged detailed manuals and step-by-step instructions. Photo: AGN Moscow
You can talk a lot about the  social and moral-psychological prerequisites that pushed all these criminals to  mass murders. In recent years, the number of online communities dedicated to school shooting has increased significantly. It is necessary to switch to  electronic records of calls to doctors, so that when issuing a hunting license or selling weapons, the competent authorities can see the entire medical history and  deviations of a particular person. And you don need to stand on ceremony with them — the law allows. In this connection requires the personal responsibility of persons who have not adequately performed their tasks. The reason is that resentments in pathologically neurotic young people become hyper-important, and they look for an opportunity to avenge the pain caused. And how are our schools protected? As for schools, — often the aggression of terrorists spills out precisely on those institutions where they used to study (this happened in Izhevsk). Of course, in order to avoid excesses, psychoanalysts, investigators and lawyers should study this chatter. shared his opinion with aif.ruVladimir Ovchinsky, Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia, Major General of Police, retired, Doctor of Law, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Honorary Officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, ex-head of the Russian Central Bureau of Interpol, author of books on fighting organized crime:
— Today more than 20 attacks in educational institutions of the country are officially known. Unfortunately, the questions are not new. This becomes the goal of life for them. I won't go into small technical details, but all the filth of our youth comes from the internet. Rate the material
Источник These are not  children's toys, not a manifestation of psychological deviations in one or two characters, but a fairly mass phenomenon. In & nbsp; television talk shows, you can hear, they say, just think, children discuss all sorts of topics, but they splash out aggression and & nbsp; no longer (!) Kill anyone. For example, schoolshooting — armed, shooting, attack on school. Well and, of course, no one removes responsibility for weak protection of the perimeter of schools and universities. The current security is definitely more expensive than the caretaker grandmother, but so far, unfortunately, it is far from always better.