What is the memory of the oldest participant of the Second World War Alexander Chebanenko?

Demobilized in 1946 . Awards and titles
Awarded with the Order of the Patriotic War I and II&nbsp ; degrees, medals "For courage" and "For the defense of the Caucasus". In February 2022, Chebanenko entered the Russian Book of Records as the oldest living participant in the Great Patriotic War. On September 22, at 106th year of life in Tyumen, the oldest participant in the Great Patriotic War Alexandra Chebanenko died in Russia. After the hospital of the guard, the foreman of the medical service returned to the front again, where she saved many. Alexandra Chebanenko was born on March 10, 1917 in a large family (11 children) in the village of Bogoyavlensky, Penza Region. Source of information:
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She was married (husband died in 1974). Later, Alexander Chebanenko, together with her husband Peter (she met him at the front) moved to the village of Mezhdurechensky Kondinsky district of the Tyumen region. “After the war, my parents raised the country. The last years of her life the veteran lived in Tyumen. Chebanenko herself was wounded in both legs. Left a daughter, a granddaughter and a great-granddaughter. She was a member of the 117th and 237th Guards divisions on the I and II Ukrainian fronts. «Veteran died last night in hospital», — wrote the Governor. So, in & nbsp; 1944, in a few days, Chebanenko took out 63 & nbsp; soldiers and & nbsp; officers from the battlefield. This was announced by Governor of the Tyumen Region Alexander Moor in Telegram. It is known that all eight brothers of Alexandra Chebanenko died at the front.              it reward list. In the ranks of the Red Army, a woman fought in Ukraine and in Czechoslovakia. Alexander Chebanenko met her victory in Germany. At first, my mother worked at the Zaporizhstal plant, and then she and her father were sent to Siberia to raise virgin lands. Chebanenko served as a nurse. Since the first days of the Great Patriotic War, she found herself on the front. What did Alexandra Chebanenko remember? We got a job at the collective farm, only the conditions there were very difficult: neither housing, nor normal food, we spent the night in the  room of the collective farm administration, — the daughter of veteran Antonin told aif.ru in March 2022.